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Faint Engine Noise during start.

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Hi Folks!
I've got about 12000km. on this vehicle and a couple of days ago I heard a faint noise ..kind of a rattling sound that lasts for several seconds when the engine is first cold started.
It is hard to pinpoint by ear but if you stand far enough back from the vechile during start up , you can hear it.

I talked to the dealer and he said he has had several customers reporting the same noise.

Any of you people experience this ? Still running water in the engine. : )
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We have a 2004 accord with a 3.0ltr v6 that has valve clatter for about 30 seconds when it is cold started. It's been that way since about 25,00o miles. It now has ove 110,000 miles. Still runs smoothe and east except for that clatter with a cold start.

Perhaps it is a honda thing? However, our 3.5ltr v6 CT is not yet making that noise. The CT has just over 3,000 miles.

I have also heard the same noise. Mine sounded like a belt or tensioner rattle but only lasts for about 5-10 sec.
More than likely valve clatter like Fred said......Fairly common.
It stems from no oil or pressure on startup which takes a few seconds to rectify.
I've had it on many of my rides and don't worry about it - tho I do find it a bit disconcerting.
Surprisingly I've not had it on my CT -- tho the cold season is about to begin.
We'll see.

Hey, all. Mine developed this app 70,000 miles and it was the timing belt tensioner.
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