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Extended warranty?

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Just a FYI, I bought an extended warranty for 8 years and 120K for $1,250, but read a thread somewhere that they paid $1,100 for same factory warranty? My point is: don’t let them sell it to you for more than my $1,250 or less if I was correct on the other pricing. We plan on keeping this car for 10 years and are ok with EW but why do we need this anyway? Peace of mind for us on major repairs provided we keep maintained with all receipts for proof just in case we need EW. By the way, the dealer started at 8 years and 100K for $1,850.

Now that's some funny stuff...Honda extended warranty company prowls around wrecking yards for warranty replacement parts? HUH? Maybe JFK shot himself?
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Always read every line of the extended warranty contract. MOST of them, will force the repair facility to put junkyard parts on your car instead of new ones. I used to work in a few dealerships and I've seen it first hand, especially when the Honda Odysseys were having problems with the blocks cracking fairly regularly. Your car sits in the shop for weeks while the shop is FORCED to swap out parts that they know are going to fail, but the warranty company doesn't care at all.

There are SOME good warranty companies out there, usually they are the ones offered from the manufacturer, which tend to be the ones the dealer makes less money on.
Do you know everything about EVERYTHING?
I can't help but notice you have something to say about pretty much every post in this group, regardless of what the issue or discussion is about.
I wish everyone were so smart.........
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