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Extended warranty?

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Just a FYI, I bought an extended warranty for 8 years and 120K for $1,250, but read a thread somewhere that they paid $1,100 for same factory warranty? My point is: don’t let them sell it to you for more than my $1,250 or less if I was correct on the other pricing. We plan on keeping this car for 10 years and are ok with EW but why do we need this anyway? Peace of mind for us on major repairs provided we keep maintained with all receipts for proof just in case we need EW. By the way, the dealer started at 8 years and 100K for $1,850.

Now that's some funny stuff...Honda extended warranty company prowls around wrecking yards for warranty replacement parts? HUH? Maybe JFK shot himself?
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We also purchased the Honda Care warranty- 8yrs/120k/0ded- purchased for 1200.00, Can be used at any Honda dealership-Glad I purchased because in 8yrs we will need something- we also plan on keeping the vehicle that long as well so to me it only made sense, especially with the electronics in the vehicle, and no I do not believe they will swap out junkyard electronics... especially with how sensitive electronics are and the way technology changes. Also I believe they are to be changed out with the Genuine parts anyway. I did have a warranty on a Ford 500 and it paid for itself with one use, but the problem I had with that particular warranty was that I could only use it at the dealership I purchased the car from... ripoff... Anyway just my thinking.
I was also the one that posted the 1100.00 quote on another discussion, yes I actually was quoted 1080.00 from a dealership in Rhode Island,
"I have a quote for 96months-120k miles, 0- deductible for 1100.00"
Anyway I stayed with my local dealer after he came down to a reasonable amount, (1200.00) first quote from them was ~2500.00, Do your internet shopping and call around...They also wanted 700.00 do (Simoniz) a car, "Nuts", bought a buffer and sealer for less than half and have done all 3 of my vehicles..
Nice Color Quick6- have the same in 4wheeldrive, I am taking the car in tomorrow for a "Whine " we are hearing, not sure if it is related to the 4 wheel or front trans... anyway will find out but it is definitely not the tires..
Ok, the whine we hear, by what the technicians told me as we drove today that this is a Honda signature because of the gearing in the transmission, it is a faint whine but it is a Honda signature, so I am told. Said we can drive any of them on the lot and will more than likely hear the same thing.
Handling, yes the car handles great, we only got the 4wd as we frequent the North Carolina and Virginia mountains as family is located there, also price difference was not that much difference, may never need it.. if I know it is going to snow we generally take the truck anyway.
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