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Dodgy Sat Nav Screen

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Hi All,

I just recently purchased a 2010 CT EX-L.

The Sat nav screen blinks now and then but 99% of time it's just a solid black screen?

The good news is the screen comes on when I rear?

I'm assuming dodgy cable connection?

Can anyone advise some basic investigation process's? or is there a national company that specialise in old sat nav systems?

Much appreciated for any help.

Gav from London.
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On a 2010, if it were my vehicle I think I would look for a used screen. There are certainly enough Crosstours in salvage yards. A quick look on eBay found a few for less than $40 each (used). Before I start tearing the console/dash apart, I would like to have a spare screen to pop in, even though I might find a loose wire while tearing things apart.
Cool, thanks for the info, much appreciated. I'll jump on Ebay.
I'm just waiting for a new steering rack to be installed and then I'll focus on the screen. Thanks again for your help.
Best regards, Gav
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