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Death Valley roads in a Crosstour

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Anyone in this group driven their Crosstour in Death Valley – more specifically on some of the unpaved high clearance roads. We visit DV often and have done a few of these high clearance roads in our 2002 Honda CRV. According to the Park rangers, the CRV meets the high clearance specs for most of the roads in the park. As best I can tell, the Crosstour has similar ground clearance, but the wheels are closer to the corners on the CRV. Any thoughts?

We plan to visit Death Valley at the end of January (2011) and would like to repeat the trip we took several years ago through Titus Canyon

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I can't speak on your question exactly, but I can add that the Crosstour's ground clearance is 8 inches.

The 6 inch clearance that is noted in all of the documentation is actually the clearance of the front plastic pieces just forward of the front wheels.
Unpaved fire roads

I did a trip to Bodi in the eastern sierras this past summer. I can say that the car handles fine on loose gravel roads. The road to Bodi is about 8 miles of unpaved road- went at 25mph-30mph. There is considerable vibration from the steering wheel but it did not feel too bad.

Just be careful of sharp rocks.
I don't know man; I think the CT would not do all that well in a real Off Road experience. Its suspension is not made to travel like a SUV or Pick up. The CVR has a totally different suspension and the wheel travel is a lot more than a CT. If I was you I say no to that idea.
Nice Video, I did notice on the Woop Tee Doos the CT looked as if it might bottom out a little. I really can't tell but I was very impressed with it look while driving on the dirt road.
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