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Dash Camera Recommendations?

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Hello, just bought a 13 Crosstour and I’m wanting to get a dash camera for it, preferably something low profile with a goodish looking camera and I’m curious if anyone has any recommendations on dash cams they have!

Thanks in advance!
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The Dashcams in his review are also junk. Almost all are junk.
The one good Dashcam is by pormido. it does the front and rear, and gives you a way better view out the rear view mirror. They also have an option to add GPS and to add an interior camera. i have the One with GPS, but stupidly dont have the interior. it has actually good video quality, it just works without any bullshit, and the price is pretty fair. comes in a very nice kit too. matte and non matte screen protectors, Included (though small) micro sd card and everything else that you need. I have one in my Accord and my Crosstour.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts