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I'll do a full write up once I get everything in...

But I've got the RV6 Accord High Flow Pre-Cat, Pilot J Pipe, and Pilot High Flow Cat installed right now...

I'm taking delivery of the J37 Intake Manifold & Throttle Body tonight, and getting that bolted on this week...

And I'm trying to spec out the custom cat back that goes from the 2.5 inch Pilot Cat outlet all the way back to the end...

The 2.5" HFPC, JPipe, HFC is currently clamped onto the 2.25 OEM catback.

But the 2.25 Catback then splits into two pipes that are I wanna say ~1.8" each?

I had originally thought I'd go 2.5 from the Catback to the end, but the shop said that they thought it was going to be too loud for my application? And that a 2.5 Pipe from the Cat splitting into two 2.25 pipes that lead to the exhaust is not recommended?

I'm not sure if they're trying to skimp out on the work or if their recommendations hold true...

Even with a larger on the intake side, the car is still N/A and I know there's no need for 3"... but I feel like I could still make use of the 2.5" after a tune?


I'm specifically interested if 2.5" is "Too Loud" as they say?
Because the Crosstour Splits from the center pipe after the cat... the dual muffler setup is going to be quieter than a single.

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I know I'm digging up an old thread, but was hoping maybe you could provide an update?

I talked to RV6 and they mentioned the Accord HFPC/PCDs bolt right up, but that the Pilot J-pipe isn't? Can you confirm this? It sounds like you were able to also keep the OEM catback without issue, or did you have to something?

How did the J37 intake and throttle body work out? I'm in talks with a shop that claim the stock intake ported with the J37 throttle body works out better for our engine than going with a ported J37 intake.
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