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After a few posts I made and deleted when they became not relevant, asking questions about Crosstour water leaks on the rear driver side, and some investigation, and a dealer fix here are some things I learned. Big thanks to Steve Tillman.
The wheel well can leak inside, at the top around where the shock connects. There appears to be a good horizontal vanilla colored seal that is in fact inadequate. A second spot is in the wheel well toward the upper rear. There is a black factory seal running horizontally in a triangle. That triangle part can leak. So here is the solution the dealer did. Remove shock and control arm. Remove the gas tank neck plastic cover. Remove fender liner ( I think). Spread clear seam sealer all over all the top vanilla seam. Spread black sealer on the triangle part and then all over the back horizontal seam, and behind the gas tank neck. Basically put sealer over EVERY possible seam, coating the heck out of them. Used an whole industrial size tube. Pressure spray extensively to check the work. Reassemble. A note. On the internet there are a number of people with water under the rear seat coming from a seam just up the back wall of the seat bucket. That path is from water coming from the rear of the trunk forward, or (speculation) from the shock tower leak. There is one more point that can leak (Again, thanks Steve). It is the vertical sheet metal joint that lakes a T behind the wheel opening. Here are a couple pictures:
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