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Hello folks. Just traded in my 2008 RBP Element SC for a gorgeous, beautiful and great looking Opal Sage 2010 Crosstour. I am on the Element EOC forum all the time and am going to enjoy this forum even more. I don't know why there are so many Crosstour haters out there but all I can say is WTF!!! I have had many Hondas in the past and this one is by far the best. This car is awesome.

I love the look of this car. It gives off an atitude that reflects it has balls. The stance and posture are bold and the fact that it doesn't look like every other freakin car out there is just one more reason to smile. The Opal Sage color looks different depending on the light. I almost got the balck on black but they didn't have a EX-L version at my dealership.

I love the interior leather package. WOW! Nice attention to detail and man this car is quiet inside. Nice when you spend hours in traffic in So Cal. Anyway, I love this car and am glad to be part of this forum.
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