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Crosstour HID Retrofit.

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Hi Folks,

We just picked up our Crystal Black Crosstour EX-L 4WD 2 weeks ago and I had to get the projectors updated with 4300K lights. I have a quick how-to. I took about 4 hrs, 1.5 of which was doing a lot of wiring to have that OEM look.

See below. I used some DIY posts from the driveaccord forums. Very similar install as a 8th gen accord.

I just did the intall this morning and will nighttime after pics. Dropping the bumper is a must for that OEM look.

I will update the PDF with the nighttime pix tomorrow!

Pics in the PDF.

2010 Crosstour XenonDepot Xtreme Philips Bulbs
Installation Notes:

The Kit:
4300K H11 Xtreme Kit with the Philips Bulb Upgrade

Philips Head screw drivers
Socket Set

Electrical Tape
Twin Butt connectors
Extra similar gauge wire for extension
Black zip ties
Wire loom
Self Tapping Screws
Black Zip Ties
3M double sided tape for trim (extra heavy duty)

I used the installation guides from

This was a great primer for the installation.

I decided to go with XenonDepot because of their long running history in the business and great service. Steve was a great help and offered primo customer service. My order was delayed a bit because they had their relays on backorder but once it was shipped out, I got it before the weekend! I decided to go with a 35W kit with the twin relays, which would allow for a more factory type of installation. The Xtreme kit with the dual relays really made the most sense after I did a ton of research on a bunch of forums.

My goal was to install it in a stealth manner; I wanted to follow all the factory wirelooms and hide everything. I also wanted to have easy access to all the components that might fail with age such as the relays, fuses and bulbs. Keeping the install clean required a bit of extra material as stated above. Keep in mind you will need to do quite a bit of cutting of the wires to get it to run along the factory looms and connect to the battery where the factory connects. A few of the DIY guides don’t follow on a clean install by running the wires along the factory looms. Since, I wanted a really pro/OEM looking install, I spent an extra hour making sure all the wires followed the factory looms. It is well worth the time!

Also, keep in mind the ballast is the only part that is super water tight, the relays and fuses must be mounted in a protected area. A few of the DIY guides bundle these components along with the ballasts in an area where water can get to it easily. Since there isn’t any area in a car that’s 100% weather proof; it is best to mount it somewhere where it has the least probability of getting exposed to the elements. This will ensure less drama later on due to premature failure.

If you have a crosstour you can follow Captain America’s post (; excellent post by the way. Taking off the plastic fasteners is pretty straight forward- very quick. I suggest removing all the top and bottom fasteners. I also removed the second row of fasteners to fully remove the bumper from the body. This is only relevant to the Crosstour.

The dreaded clips: it took a while to understand how the clip on. For some reason on the Crosstour there are different clips that disengage in different directions. Some can be undone by firmly yanking the bumper down, and the others require the use of a screwdriver and prying pressure. Be careful and patient. Get a few looks from different angles and you will be able to figure it out. A bright led flashlight will help immensely! Be patient and look!

The package! I forgot to take pictures of the components. I was way to excited and anxious to installing it!

Some pics of the Crosstour Projectors using regular halogens:
The light have great cutoff but the color just isn’t there!

Here are more shots of the stock projectors. I hope this shows how the cutoff pattern looks.

Here are some after photos: DAY TIME

I can see an instant color change; it was blue and then after warmup it became bluish white. Great color and voila it works!!! Make sure everything tests out and everything is secure before reassembly!

Here are some NIGHT TIME Photos:

Here are some pics of the installation:
These maybe redundant; I would refer to Captain Americas DIY!

I placed the ballasts in the same area as Captain America. Steve suggested not using the self tapping screws but I just couldn’t find a clean solid way of mounting them without screwing it in. As for the grounds; use the factory ground points. Easy and breezy!

If you want a clean install use wire looms, zip ties, and electrical tape. For a really good OEM look use the shiny type of electrical tape!

I didn’t get a change to snap pictures of the post install engine bay; but if you want a really nice look that’s OEM; take your time and make the extra effort. You will need to cut, crimp and couple the wires. Use a lot of electrical tape to secure it and then wire loom everything! Follow the OEM wire paths and zip tie it (black zip ties) together!

Double check to make sure everything works and everything is secure before you reinstall everything! This will save you immense headaches and time spent fixing afterwards!
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How do I attach my pdf? The pdf has the pics associated with the DIY.
you would have to save it as an image file first.
it looks like the upload limits are too low. the pdf is 300K. I posted on if anyone is interested. I'm happy to send the pdf to anyone if they are interested in doing this retrofit. The difference is AMAZING!
FYI- The crosstour takes the same bulb fitment as the accord coupe!
Hey man,

I had to install HIDs on my CT immediately after I bought the carbecause I just got used to them on my old car. I got them 4300k as well. I wish I knew about this forum and the DIY 2 weeks ago I would've definitely tried to do it myself.
$85 in Sylvanias

had to remove the grill, bumper, and headlights.


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had to remove the grill, bumper, and headlights.
How did you make all the lights turn on at the same time? When I turn on my high beams my fogs turn off and don't turn back on until I turn the high beams off. I would like to be able to turn on the fogs whenever I want and not just when the low beams are on lol
had to remove the grill, bumper, and headlights.
Nice. Do you need ballasts and igniters too for the fogs and are they easily accessed?
I just replaced stock bulbs with silverbright 9005 and H11's. check out the debadge, the whole front end comes off with some clips and screws.
those are just low beam and fogs
My bad it looked like all the lights were on at the same time. Is that the grille that you sprayed using plasti-dip? From what I can see it looks sick. Do you have any daytime pics?
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