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CrossTour EX 2WD MPG

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Hello - For those of you who own the 2WD CT, what gas mileage are you getting (highway and city)

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on the 4WD I'm seeing 26-27 range highway... most of my 1,300 miles have been highway so far. (I've owned the car for 17 days btw)
since I also have 2WD, so.... 17 MPG for first 1000 miles (100% city), 19 MPG now for 100% city

21 MPG for 80% city

23 MPG for 60% city
Re:MPG on 2WD

So far I am on the first tank of gas but the trip computer is reading 23.8MPG almost totally city and suburb driving!!!:)
Way better than my '04 Pilot's 19MPG going the same route.
Got 22 mpg on combined driving tank.
We got about 22 mpg as well... sounds accurate.

Hey, I get 25.4 80% highway @ 75mph with EXL 2 wheel drive. I guess that would be with the extra 20 % all highway = 5.08 + 25.4 = 30.48 mpg highway. No need for 4WD due to me living in sun belt where it snows 4 times a year.
We're averaging around 25.4, I get 30.5-31.8 on the highway at 73mph.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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