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Hello everyone , I have a 2014 EXL V6 CT , I was considering in coverting my CT into a LP gas due to the high price of gasoline here in my country ($4.5 per gallon) which is too much in relation of how much we make monthly. Ridiculous taxes make the gasoline very expensive.
LP gas gallon costs $1.6 ... as you see there's a huge different of prices making a full tank cost from $78 to just $30 of LP gas.

System is a package of 6 fuel injectors , a special LP gas ECU, all tubes ,wiring and all what it requires to 100% perfect function.

The real and technical question I have is :

Will the LP gas system affect the CT engine overall ?
What pros and cons will I have if I install this system?
How many HP will it loose after installation?

Thanks a lot. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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