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Hey guys,

Ive had my 2010 CT for a year now and its great. i love how its small enough to ride like a sedan but theres plenty of legroom and trunk space.

The only thing is with 271 horsepower, you would think the CT would be a little faster... it still is pretty quick for a heavy car, but I wish it was a tad faster..

also, i wish there were paddle shifters... i know its not a BMW or mercedez, but I think it wouldve been great to have..

what do you guys think about the speed of CT and paddle shifters?

but overall, car is great. idk why people say it is ugly, u think it looks awesome

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I'm happy with my 2010 and its had no problem getting in front of BMW 5 series and other autos off the line. Paddle shifters would be a bit much... 6 speed manual tranny would be my preference. One guy in a Mercedes was not happy that I managed to get the best of him... me with 2 mountain bikes on my hitch rack :D

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Ready for the next 100K miles

I really enjoy my 2010!!

I just hit 100K miles a couple of weeks ago, took it in for service:

  1. Replace timing chain
  2. Replaced water pump
  3. Replaced serpentine belt
  4. Replaced belt tensioner
  5. Replaced spark plugs
  6. Air filter and cabin filter
  7. Flushed out injectors
  8. Flushed out cooling system
  9. Flushed out brake fluid.
  10. Transmission service
  11. Differential service
  12. Rotate tires
  13. Thrust alignment
  14. Brake rotors turned
and it still runs and handles like a CHAMP!!!

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