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Changing the timing belt on a 3.5 V6

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I've heard you're suppose to change the timing belt on a Honda around 100K miles. My 2010 3.5 V6 is just turning over 80k and I put about 20K on my car annually. So I'll be looking to change the belt next Spring or so.

My local mechanic, who's always been square with me claims I should change the water pump and all the pulley's too. He said basically all the things the belt comes in contact with should be changed at the same time and wants around $1,100 for the job.

That sounds a bit extreme to me. He says most dealerships will tell me to change out the water pump with the belt at the very least but he likes to be thorough.

What do you guys think about this? Anybody here change their belts yet and if so, what all did you change and how much did it run you?

Thanks to all who reply.
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Actually you should change it now. 80k miles is the recommended mileage to do the work. I wouldn't go more than 100k. Price is about right too. Anytime you do a timing belt service, water pump, belt tensioner should be replace as well.
Honda dealer will tell you to replace front crankshaft seal and maybe even camshaft seals too depends on the dealer. You don't have to do those. I never in my life seen crank/cam seals go bad. Even motor with 300k mi.
Do it right the first time and you don't have to worry about it for another 80-100k.
Parts are 3-4 hundred dollars, labor is the money maker here. About 5-6 hr in labor.
It's not hard if you are mechanically incline. You just need a special crank pulley tool. I've done more than a dozen timing belt services on different model Hondas/Acuras over the years.
I would take a look at your accessory belt(s) too. If they look dry cracked, replace them as well.
This is one of those service you don't want to cheap out on. If the Water pump and/or belt tensioner fail, you have to pull eveything apart again and redo everything.
I bought an Integra in 2005 with a broken TB @111k miles. Lucky for me, no valves were bent,so all I did was replace the belt, water pump and tensioner. We still have the car now @ almost 200k miles.
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Thank you for the quick reply. From what I've been reading around the net my mechanic is telling me the truth. Most Honda sites are recommending the same service although most place the time around the 90 -100K range which is what I've always heard as well.

If anyone else has any other opinions I'd be glad to read their thoughts as well.
Sign up for offers from your local Honda dealerships. I often receive discount coupons for major repairs like this. Did the timing belt on my Odyssey with a 50% off coupon. Total cost was under $600 for belt, water pump, and all tensioners.
Wow thats a really good deal!! Good job on signing up!!
One of the local dealers in my area is running a timeing belt replacement special. It's for $449 but it only included the belt itself, no water pump or other attachements.

That seems high for just a belt replacement but I'm going to have it all done at once anyway after hearing what people are saying here and other Honda sites around the internet....
I have 200,000 on my 2010 crosstour and have never changed the timing belt.
I have 200,000 on my 2010 crosstour and have never changed the timing belt.
What engine do you have? If it's not the J35 (V6) then you don't have this required service. If it IS a J35, you are running on borrowed time. A broken timing belt on an interference engine is, usually, a very expensive proposition.
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