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Hi,5 weeks ago I past in front of my Honda dealer here in Québec,Canada,and there it was calling me,black on black.I trade my 06 accord sedan for it,and just took delivery 1 week ago.Wow,everything is the way I tought,finally a stronger motor than my 06 accord(it was a 4 cylinder manual)and a better handling and motor than my 04 CRV and more space inside.No navi,i have a Garmin that does the job,and the radio is pretty good,I may upgradethe sub with my JL amp and 1 sub in an enclosed box in the floor with some Dynamat.I'm 49 but I still love the big bad bass,in my 06 I had 2 subs ,3 amps ,components in the doors and a lot of wires plus the JL unit to keep my steering controls.For the back up procedure,it's easier than my sedan because you can see with your inside mirror thru the small lower window at the back.For us in the snow,if you want to launch hard at a stoplight,desactivate the antiskid device.It works like a charm,the back slide to the right and the front pull like crazy.I even scare(for a short time...) a Mazdaspeed6 owner,at least for the first light.
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hey biggdan...welcome.... congrats on your purchase. Pics? :)
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