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Bought a 2010 Crosstour Teal green

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Hi All,

Just moved to the U.S. (Oregon) from London and wanted a decent long distant cruiser (4WD). I looked at Subaru Outback but preferred the Crosstour, so I bought a high milage (197k) 2010 but in beautiful condition.

I bought the car 3 weeks ago and just found out the Steering rack is leaking and needs replacing. What price range should I expect to pay on replacing the steering rack with a new one? I've been told this process is long so expect high labour? Any advise would be great?

Also my new Crosstour has a Navigation system but the screen is not working? it's blinkering? The screen does work when I reverse? Again, any tips would be much appreciated.

Gav from London.
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Hi All,

I'm totally new to Honda and keep reading about the VCM tuning topic. I have a 2010 / 3.5 V6 AWD with the eco system. The car has 197k miles and the one previous owner never overrode the eco system. Q, would the general recommendation be to add a VCM tuner or continue without?

Much appreciate your advise in this.
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