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best wax/protection suggestions

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I want to give my Black CT a coat of GOOD wax to help protect it before I go on my big BC excursion.

I would also like to use something which requires easy application as well as minimal buffing etc.

Any suggestions on what is the BEST product to use??

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Good wax job = Time spent. You can go for some cheap spray on wipe off quick detailer if you want quick and easy. I would go all the way though if you want a good finish. You will never get the shine you want with a quickie job. Meguiar's is my favorite.

best wax......

i like maguires liquid or paste-- used it on my accord 2008 v-6 and it really shined up nice and bugs came off easy.

my crosstour came with a "Xzilon" finish -- it makes the paint almost like having a teflon coating-- nothing-- dirt or bugs stick-- that may be a dealer option that you can get to protect your vehicle. this is a product according tothe dealer that is used on Boing aircraft-- needs no polishing for 5 years and is resistanct to salt spray etc.
I discovered a great wax recently called Collonite. I teach a seminar on detailing for the Rolls Royce Owners club and I now highly recommend their paste waxes and the Insulator wax(a liquid wax quick and easy to apply). Meguiars is also excellent. I have no association/connection with either company.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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