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Howdy there, I am very soon going to be picking up a 2012 Crosstour EX-L (79k miles, 3.5 V6 FWD) and I am going to be new to working on and owning a newer car. I have quite a decent amount of mechanical experience working on my BMW's and a few older Hondas I used to own (89 Accord LX-i, 92 Accord wagon EX-L). And I have just a few questions on these cars.

I've done my fair share of research on these cars and have loved the way they looked, been looking at them since they were introduced, and now I get the opportunity to own one!

Now I know the VCM delete is an option and I'm already looking at purchasing one for the car so I can elongate the engines lifespan, But what would be some other common issues on these years? And eventually I will manual swap this.

And closing this off, if there is any advice that anyone would like to pass onto me, let me know!! Thank you!
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