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Anyone try changing the air filter in their Crosstour?

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Has anyone tried doing this on their own?:D
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It's just 4 phillips head screws, looks like the MAP wire is a PITA, but that's about it.
It's cheaper to do it yourself... search online dude...tons of info. :)
We should have a DIY section in the forums for stuff like this.
As people do more and more things, I'd love for them to take pictures and write up a how-to, even to the point of including the necessary tools.

Check out and they do a lot of stuff like that. I know the host, my mustang will be featured on the show soon, and I'd love to talk him into doing a segment for the CT's.
Has anyone tried doing this on their own?:D
Can't be that difficult. My '06 Accord V6 isn't the easiest of changes but not too bad with a little patience.

One thing I did have problems with in the '06 were the 4 phillips hold down screws which promtly broke when removed due to flimsy design and rust.
Worth removing carfully at some point and applying antiseize ...

In my neck of the woods, salt and moisture are an issue that can quickly cause rust and corrosion for those in the same situation.
Took a few pics of the OEM filter housing that I removed to add my K&N Typhoon intake.
They clearly show the 4 philips head screws that hold the lid on and the OEM clamps that held the wiring. (one black and one green)
These don't need to be removed to change the filter btw.

The MAF sensor has been removed to place on the Typhoon intake.

First one shows the OEM intake box complete.

Next one shows the lid taken off to expose the filter

and the last one shows the upper and lower half of the intake box with the filter removed.
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I would like to find a cold air induction kit for mine!
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