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According to Consumer Guide Auto, the new 2010 Honda CrossTour crossover styled vehicle will be based upon the European-market Accord wagon that has been modified to offer elevated ride height, a few telling inches spliced into the body, and an Accord sedan nose. They further suggest that there might be a 4-cylinder and 6-cyl option as well as a front-wheel and an all-wheel drive option.

Like the Venza, the industry predicts the 2010 Honda crossover style wagon will have unique tall-body styling without traditional wagon boxiness, plus a slightly larger footprint than its sedan parent. The 2010 Honda CrossTour crossover will also mimic the Toyota Venza with two-row seating for five passengers and no third-row option.

Left Lane News reports that the new 2010 Honda crossover style wagon will be available with Honda’s VTM-4 AWD system.

When Honda releases the 2010 crossover style vehicle in the fall of 2009, Bernardi Parts will offer a complete selection of 2010 Honda CrossTour accessories and parts.

Taken from here.
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