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According to Consumer Guide Auto, the new 2010 Honda CrossTour crossover styled vehicle will be based upon the European-market Accord wagon that has been modified to offer elevated ride height, a few telling inches spliced into the body, and an Accord sedan nose. They further suggest that there might be a 4-cylinder and 6-cyl option as well as a front-wheel and an all-wheel drive option.

Like the Venza, the industry predicts the 2010 Honda crossover style wagon will have unique tall-body styling without traditional wagon boxiness, plus a slightly larger footprint than its sedan parent. The 2010 Honda CrossTour crossover will also mimic the Toyota Venza with two-row seating for five passengers and no third-row option.

Left Lane News reports that the new 2010 Honda crossover style wagon will be available with Honda’s VTM-4 AWD system.

When Honda releases the 2010 crossover style vehicle in the fall of 2009, Bernardi Parts will offer a complete selection of 2010 Honda CrossTour accessories and parts.

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Matching interior wood OEM

Some one posted a kit that matched the interior wood grain an at the time I did not write down where they purchased it , I would like to know where I can get it and how it went on , TIA:)
I ordered the Sherwood dash Kit from They offer an OEM match. I have not installed it yet but when holding up the pieces it looks like a match. I believe they call it "Mustard Birdseye" Too cold to install it now. The instructions say to get teh car interior up to aboout 80 deg F. Right now it is about 28 out there. The kit is 40+ pieces but I am not going to use them all.
Thanks , sounds like you're in the great white north like me here in Maine with a nor ester out side
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