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Acura TL Rear Sway Bar Upgrade

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So Ive been planning To Do the TL Rear Sway Bar Upgrade On my new 2015 Crosstour Soon And Have Found that The Information from the two previous posts on here were Almost Completely Wrong. The Facelift Crosstours (2013-2015) i4 In All Trims, And EX-L V6 4WD Get a 14mm bar, With the EX-L V6 FWD, And the EX V6 FWD/4WD Getting a Bigger 15mm Bar. No clue why they do this, Honda is just weird. For the Acura TL Bar, The TL Gets a 19mm Bar with the TL SH AWD Getting a 20mm Bar. So our Upgrade Options is a 19mm TL Bar, a TL SH AWD 20mm bar, A Progress Auto 22.2mm Bar, Or a Progress Auto 25.4mm Bar, Both of the Progress Auto Bars have a 2 Hole Adjustment. 25.4mm ive been told Might Cause Oversteer, So i Currently Plan to go for an OEM TL SH AWD 20mm bar. I Was able to find one used for $120,And it would be about $25-$30 For New Bushings Which Will make it 100% Work like Brand new and last a very long time, though Likely Not Required. It seems like an oem bar is almost $300 Now Due to the Vehicle Being Older, With the Progress auto 22.2mm Bar being About $215 And the Progress Auto 25.4mm Bar Being about $245. So i will Likely Be going for the Used Bar, and Potentially some new bushings. For reference, My Model is a 2015 EX-LN V6 4WD Crosstour, And im Not 100% Sure if this upgrade will work on a FWD Crosstour due to the sway bar being a different shape, and Mounted in a Slightly different Position As Shown below (4WD On left, FWD On Right). Once I Get a Bar and Install it, i will be back With Another Post Likely Titled Acura TLRear Sway Bar Upgrade Install And Provide More Information, And that will be Linked Below the photo As well once its up.

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I purchased the TL SH AWD Bar for $130 and New Moog Bushings for $10, So All together $40 for the 20mm Bar, I will Make the new Post Once its installed.
What do your original bushings say on them? cause mine say 15.0 in the corner. Hondapartsnow doesnt even show an ex 4wd option on the site, just an ex v6 2wd. Honda being weird would be a great explanation for why the 14mm even exists but it seems like a waste of more engineering costs for a car that was going to fail for being ahead of its time
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It's the same thing how my top trim EX-LN V6 4wd (the n means navigation) did not have the Honda smart phone app, but the ex V6, did. They do a lot of stupid things. I haven't taken it off yet but I measured it to be the 14mm per their specifications. I'm sure a 15mm bar would fit on fine.
If the 20 works without issue then yeah I don't see why reverting to the previous 15 wouldn't.

Off topic, do you think taking the brake lines off the calipers and then draining the fluid by pressing the pedal would completely empty the brake lines for a full flush? Everywhere that tells you how to do a fluid change just says suck up the fluid from the master reservoir with a turkey baster but I want all the fluid in the system out.
I'm not a professional in brake fluid flushing, but I assume draining the reservoir and then filling it with new fluid, and pumping the brakes while adding new fluid to flush the new fluid through the brake booster and all the lines would clean them out. I wouldn't do it until it's empty and then fill because I hear bleeding the booster is hard, and bleeding the abs needs an obd II tool.
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