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AC not working, shop says it's the ECU... ???

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Is it possible? They want $800 to replace and reprogram ECU because they say it's not sending a signal to run the AC.

Thing is the AC was working sporadically and after I drop it off for their diagnostic now it's not working at all... And how does an ECU signal or command deteriorate? It either works or doesn't right?

Anyone had AC issues and the ECU was the problem?
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Is the shop you took it to a Honda Dealership? If not, I would suggest that you take the car out of the independent shop and have the Honda dealership take a look at it.

Pretty much everything is tied into the ECU these days including the AC. It does seem odd that after they played with it that it stopped completely. Again, if you don't feel comfortable, take it to a different shop.
Hey crashmaster thanks for the reply. The shop says they took the CT to another location where they have a Honda master tech and diagnosed it that way.

They previously saved me $900 because they diagnosed a similar issue to be a bad ground where the Honda dealership wanted to charge $1200 to replace the relay box.

I still think I do need a second opinion but came on here to find out if it was a common issue.
I still think I do need a second opinion but came on here to find out if it was a common issue.
Yes, I agree you need a second opinion.

Even Honda Master Techs don't always know everything!

A bad ECU is not a common problem with this car.

A bad ground before? And now an ECU problem?

Are you the original owner? Could this vehicle have been flooded or perhaps partially flooded or previously wrecked?
We bought with 18k miles and now has 160k miles. It was certified pre-owned so I assume no previous accident/flooding etc.
Guys. Just a little look back at issues Honda has had over the years. So the ECU controls the ground signal to the compressor, pulling a signal from the high pressure sw, low pressure switch, and the control panel. As far back as 1995, when the Odyssey was introduced, the problem is common. There are vendors on EBay who will take ECU’s, and for a couple hundred dollars, will repair and send back to you. I’ve flipped a few Honda’s knowing the ECU’s were bad, usually x8–10 my money. Just my .02
Thanks, this is definitely an option. If you have links to the vendors you've used to reflash ECU's that would be great.

Also thought about just hard wiring the fan to a switch inside the cabin, or directly to the ignition, obviously with a fuse, so that it is always running when the car is on.

I think this would prevent this from happening again.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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