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From looking at the stock tire size and just eye balling the factory wheel fitment. You could fit 22's on this thing. Although, keep in mind, 22's are going to have a lower profile tire, and pot holes will NOT be your friend.

You could go with 245/45/20's on a 20x8 +50mm offset. You may be able to go a little wider, but I would have to look under the Crosstour to get some accurate measurements before you actually go through with it.

This tire size will keep the same tire diameter as the factory 225/60R18 making it about an inch wider.

If you want 22's, you would have to go 245/35/22, and depending on the offset, you may need to get a 235/40/22 for clearance.

The 20's will be a good option though, since many other cars factory tires are 245/45/20, you will have a TON of tire options.

FWIW, this is an image of a 245/45/20 tire on a 20" wheel (yes I know its not a honda, but a common size tire)((so you get an idea of the sidewall thickness.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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