I can't find any of these for sale near me, closest would be california, I like the look of the facelift rear bumper and thats about it.

I think replacing my 2010s rear bumper with it would be cool.

Hondaparts now has a very weird price jump for a new one, with the unpainted top piece being 186, the middle black plastic piece being 188, and then the lower silver plastic (unpainted mind you) being four hundred and twenty dollars. for an unpainted piece of plastic that clips into another one, its insane, plus its the smaller of the 3 parts, i dont get it
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So, if anyone happens to be selling an undamaged (minor scratches is fine theyre all at most 10 years old) silver facelift bumper, let me know, they're hard to come by
400 is a ballpark guess for one of these