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New CR-V proves Honda's still got it, for now

The past few years haven't been kind to Honda. A series of underwhelming products, a bizarre new styling direction and increased competition have seen the brand go from Japan's most beloved automaker to a frequent target of criticism from both critics and consumers alike.

The latest indignity came in the summer of 2011, when the Civic, Honda's bread and butter product, was panned by a variety of media outlets for being inferior to offerings from Korea and America, an idea that would have been laughable just two years ago.

Luckily for Honda fans, their latest product launch looks like it will put them back on the path to success, even if the car in question is one that won't get hearts racing. The 2012 CR-V is the 4th generation of America's best-selling crossover, and Honda has wisely chosen to make incremental improvements to the CR-V rather than radically alter the successful formula.


The overall look of the CR-V is basically the same, with a revised front end designed to reflect Honda's new corporate face, as seen on vehicles like the Crosstour. The rear has a sharply raked profile that resembles the Volvo XC60, while the taillights remain largely unchanged. Casual observers would have a difficult time distinguishing the previous model from the new one.

Interior changes are evident, with familiar Honda parts bin bits used for the window switches, while a lovely, thick rimmed steering wheel takes precedence amid a very subdued gauge cluster. Our EX-L tester was equipped with a light grey leather interior and a navigation system, which dominated the center stack. The navigation interface does look a little dated, but the system itself is intuitive and easy to use.
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