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Hi Everyone,
My wife traded in her 2002 CRV for Crosstour EX-L, Dark Grey or polished metal think they call it (accessories--window tint, cargo tray, and splash guards). Very unique and enjoyable car!! So far so good. Honda providing great incentives to clear 2012's from lot.

She gets the car, but I found this forum after Googling about a persistent rattle in the drivers door area. Dealer jumped right on the problem (it helped the car less than 3 weeks old), and in two trips and about 3 hours good to go and silence restored.

The mechanic made the following entry on the warranty claim:
Use SPO 12226035 C/S rattle in driver's door area...Diagnosed noise and found driver's belt tensioner rattling internally, removed and replaced the faulty tensioner, test drove vehicle after repairs and found all good at this time. Test drove vehicle prior to repairs to verify and diagnose Customer concern, found noisy drivers belt tensioner.​

Since the rattle brought me to this forum, thought I would leave the information for all! Hoping for many miles of (rattle free) riding. Cheers, (Dan)
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