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I just bought the 2011 Honda accord crosstour on the first of March 2020. I changed my oil on the 13th of March using yuko 0w-20 oil. Had the oil life reset to 100% and as at today I have only covered just over 1500 miles but my oil life has drastically dropped to 15 %. Now 1 have few questions
1) is the oil life programmed to drop with time or does it drop when the oil quality depreciated?
2) has anyone using the 2011 accord crosstour used his engine oil and surpassed 2000miles without the oil life dropping to 15%
3) what is the maximum distance covered by a crosstour before the oil life drops to 15%
4) could the oil quality be a major determinant in the dropping of the oil life rapidly?
Thank you brethren

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Just a few points:
1) Your car has no knowledge what oil you put in. Whether a straight 30w or the best synthetic - your oil monitor will read the same.
2) The oil life is determined by: Engine temperature, Idling time, WOT time, Coolant temperature, running time, and about 20 more.
3) It's possible there could be something wrong with your oil monitor.
4) It's possible there could be a problem with any of the sensors that determine oil usage.
5) I would suggest (so you don't waste any oil prematurely) to have the system checked out at the dealership.
NOTE: The oil monitor is basically designed for using a semi synthetic oil. Of course you can use a full synthetic. I used Mobil 1 from Walmart which currently is $22.88 for a 5 quart container.
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