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  1. Crosstour General Discussion
    Hi guys, i just wanted to share with you my most recent discovery. I’m changing my bad torque converter (2k$) and i bought a VCMTUNER What it does is remove the eco mode and your car will run normal. This is the secret recipe for a long living crosstour. This could litteraly save your car...
  2. Engine Discussion
    Hi everyone, I’ve seen at lot of posts on various Honda forums about a transmission judder around 20-40mph. I have the same sort of judder, only it is really noticeable around 120km/hr. If you let off the gas or coast, it’s smooth. Otherwise, if I’m doing around 120km/hr, even if I give it...
  3. New Member introduction
    I love my car more than anything! Bought him with 16k in 2015. Today, we're at 150,300! Besides new tires, oil changes, flushes.. the norm.. he's been a complete Prince. All around the same time (a month ago) I noticed: poor acceleration. hideous mpg. (I used to get an average of 400 miles...
1-3 of 3 Results