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  1. New Member introduction
    I purchased a 2012 Honda Crosstour from my local dealership for my daughter. The dealership said the previous owner drove the car with known issues so they put a new engine in it. I"m thinking - Great! Brand new engine in a Honda! This car will last my daughter thru college. I didn't ask...
  2. Engine Discussion
    Hi all. I have an occasional burning smell coming from the engine bay. It looks like oil is dripping on the front exhaust manifold. Is anyone familiar with what gasket is near here that would be failing? Valve cover? Could it be something else that may be due for replacement? Engine has 80K mi...
  3. Engine Discussion
    I have been dealing with this oil leak for a while but it’s gotten pretty bad. All around the dipstick there is oil and it seemed to be flowing from the valve cover gasket. I went to a mechanic and got the valve cover replaced, but the oil was still leaking. It seems to be coming from the...
1-3 of 3 Results