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  1. Engine Discussion
    Hello! First of all I bought this car on May 26, 2021. I found out about the ECO problems, did some research, and bought the S-VCM. I installed it correctly. Carfax showed that there was a recent tire alignment and wheel balance, so I don't believe the problem lies there. Brand new tires btw...
  2. Engine Discussion
    I did some research and I think the 10-12 motor came from the pilot, and the 13-15 from the Accord (Earth Dreams). The 10-12 runs on 3,4,6 cylinders controlled by 3 different lobes. The 13-15 runs on the normal cam/lobes, iVtec lobe, and a third lob for the rear bank of zero lift to deactivate...
1-2 of 2 Results