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  1. In Car Tech Gear
    Hello, just bought a 13 Crosstour and I’m wanting to get a dash camera for it, preferably something low profile with a goodish looking camera and I’m curious if anyone has any recommendations on dash cams they have! Thanks in advance!
  2. Crosstour General Discussion
    Every time I go to reverse I get a very loud beep and then it stops. I'm assuming its an alert to let me know my backup camera is on, but that should be obvious just by looking at screen. Idk how to turn that off or make it quiet. Or it can't be shut off? I know that I can change the volume for...
  3. Crosstour How-To
    Hello club I have just purchased a pre-loved 2012 CT v6 4wd, she is Black on Black leather and from the looks of her has been well cared for. She has 167k yet drives and feels like a champ with plenty of torque and yet continues to have a quiet ride. No smoke, no leaks, no overheating. I...
  4. In Car Tech Gear
    I bought my wife's 2015 Crosstour new for her back in 2015. She absolutely loves her car and I am confident you couldn't drag her from it without a projectile hitting your chest. The car has been flawless for the most part but the backup camera no longer is in color and has gotten a little...
1-4 of 4 Results