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Originally Posted by Clarke View Post
I have owned a 2010 Honda Crosstour 2WD EX for a little over one year. There is a slight vibration or flutter felt in the gas pedal and steering between 20 and 25 miles per hour during slight to moderate acceleration or going uphill. Allignment, new tires, tire rotation, and balancing does not fix the problem. It does not necessarily occur during shifting. It is only noticeable on smooth roads after the car is warmed up. The dealer noticed it and provided a transmission computer update that they thought fixed it, but it remains the same.

I noticed a couple of old posts on the web with a similar problem, and wondered if anyone else has noticed this or has a solution? Thanks.

Can you elaborate a little more? I'm having a hard time figuring out what exactly is taking place.

Originally Posted by Clarke View Post
There is a slight vibration or flutter felt in the gas pedal
Physically in your foot you feel something? Which one is it, vibration, or flutter? And can you describe what your perspective of "flutter" is? (I'm going to rely on our sense of vibration being the same.)

Originally Posted by Clarke View Post
and steering between 20 and 25 miles per hour during slight to moderate acceleration or going uphill.
In the steering wheel you feel something? Or you feel like the car is pulling one way or the other? Is the steering wheel also doing the vibrating and/or fluttering?

These things (gas pedal and steering maladies) always happen together? Both in the same sort of "incident" and/or in exact sync a vibration is felt in the steering wheel and in the gas pedal?

And they only happen between 20-25mph when you are ALSO accelerating moderately OR going uphill?

Clarifying on those will help. . .but, so far just throwing out some stuff. . .

- Since the drive train and the steering and unconnected systems I think this might be a perception problem or a "feels like" thing, specifically tires. I know you said you had new tires put on, and tires rotated - were they the same brand and size of tire? Out of curiosity. . .I'm sort of grasping here but it's a goofy scenario. Either way let us know what exact brand and model of tire you have and we'll see if anyone else on the forum has had any problems with them.

- Can you take another 2wd CT from your dealer lot and replicate the problem?

- Has someone else driven the vehicle (without you in it) and experienced the same things? Trying to rule out the variable of you from this equation. If not, have a significant other, friend, co-worked, whatever, drive it and report back to you. Maybe even don't tell them what they are looking for.

- You're not drawing this observation from a steady and repetitive commute to one place are you? Like this will happen on any road, in any town, in any weather condition, right?

- The gas pedal in the CT is totally electronic, it is 100% drive by wire. It is connected to the firewall with a bolt and then connected to a little wiring harness on top, there is no physical feedback mechanism that the pedal could "bark back at you." I'm wondering if *everything* isn't vibrating, and your butt isn't feeling it because of the insulation disconnect of the seat. . .maybe get a half full cup of water with no lid on it and put it in a cup holder, see if it is vibrating in sync with the steering wheel and/or gas pedal.

- Does the vibration / flutter have any correlation to the "eco" light coming on/off? Not that the cylinder shut down is known for being obtrusive at all, it would be a red herring if there was a correlation.

- Things like windows and sunroof being closed or open and HVAC being on or off have been ruled out? I had a '95 VW jetta that would do a very very weird low frequency thunking when one rear window was open or the sunroof was open just a little.

- You could try disabling the active noise cancelling system (this is a stretch, but on my sonic theory. . .), it's fuse A15 under the hood. It will also disable many other things like navi, HVAC controls, power mirrors, power seat controls, probably power door locks - general interior comfort & courtesy things. . .but still, couldn't hurt to try.

- I'm reluctant to go into too many more mechanical troubleshooting things (though I can think of lots, many of which would have thrown a DTC code that your dealer would have seen, in theory), because I have a weird hunch this is either an environmental phenomena (circumstances you are heretofore unaware of in your driving), a personal one (the way you drive, the roads you take, etc.), a bizarre harmonic vibration, or something with the tires or wheels (possible for the wheels to be balanced, but not "true"). Actually swapping wheels would be sorta high on my list of things to check, and also equal (and correct 33psi) air pressure all around, and are they tightening the wheels with a torque wrench? I have been presented with newly installed tires that were majorly F'd up on more than once occasion.

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