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Originally Posted by CC816 View Post
My car is now due for a transmission flush (or whatever transmission service is reffered to by 3 on the maintenance minder) Whne the dealership does this service do they just drain whatever comes out when you pull the plug and refill or do they "flush" the whole system? If they just pull the plug, let it drain and then refill, I'll save the 90$ and do that in my driveway.
#3 is the ATF fluid and transfer fluid, assuming your CT is 4wd (#6 is rear diff and should probably come up on the next one if it hasn't already).

No they don't have a special machine that literally sucks and fills, they follow the ATF change procedure that I think I posted above in this thread, but I'm consolidating a bunch of service things in another thread "OEM Maintenance. . " ATF fluid change is there, as well as the update p/n for the new ATF fluid. One thing I see I forgot was a new washer for the fill bolt:

90441-PK4-000 Washer, Sealing (24mm)

And this forum won't let me edit posts that are 24hrs old or older, for some reason, so I can't add that back in to the main manifesto until they change that rule.

I will have the transfer fluid procedure and part #s up there within 24hrs or so.

If you really wanted to "flush" everything, get double the qty of fluid. . .do one dump of the ATF fluid, drive it around a day, then do it again - that way something closer to like 90% of the stuff is out. And by the differences in the fluid fills between an ATF change and a tranny overhaul, it looks like there is quite a lot of fluid in there that stays trapped in hoses, cooler, etc. The "double dump" is not required and I don't *think* I'd take the time to do it, but if it makes you sleep better at night. . .I'd actually bet that the MM takes into consideration the fact that only about 37% of your ATF fluid is changed in a #3 service.

Most cars recommend ATF changes between like 30k-100k (and they too know that not 100% of the fluid is being changed). My 2001 BMW (which has a 5 speed automatic designed by GM) has a "lifetime fill" on its tranny, and they officially recommend never changing it. However the trans was a bad design and failed at 46k miles ha. Either way, I wouldn't have waited the full 100k miles.

And if you want to see how your maintenance minder is doing with its recommendations or have a severe OCD problem you can get your used tranny fluid tested for $25 to tell you all sorts of neat stuff.



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