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Default OEM Maintenance & Repair Reference Info

I joined the Honda Service Express for a few days to look up some wiring diagrams I have been hunting for and grabbed a few things I thought might be of interest to everyone on general specs and also a few things that may be relavent to the "low speed shudder" syndrome, and a few other random answers to things I've seen pop up.

Pretty much all of these you could get at your dealer by asking, but I am proactively sharing by virtue of research purposes and education. I always pay my taxes on time too.

Very few of these documents will any of us personally be able to act on (I don't own an alignment machine, thus the specifications will not do me personally a lot of good), however they might be very handy to compare against the results of an alignment performed at a shop. A lot of this is more an FYI on the things a dealer will look at, test, process, etc., and it can be good to know their thinking.

Sorry on some of them the embedded pictures would not display, I tried 4 different browsers on 2 computers, I'm leaning towards it being their semi-janky system. . .but even if photos are missing there was still info I found valuable.

Things potentially related to "Shudder syndrome"
1. ACM (Active Control Engine Mount) - the engine mounts have solenoids in them to attempt to quell vibration, but if they are malfunctioning they can do the opposite. Very possible to pull some fuses to deactivate this system temporarily to see if it's the culprit. I'd want to try that out on my own vehicle before I recommend that step for anyone else though.
2. Vibration Diagnostic Worksheet that the Honda mechanic will try to follow to isolate vibrations. This worksheet pretty much leans in the direction of checking out all things tire/wheel/alignment related, etc.
3. Towards the end of this newsletter they stress the importance of having an expertly calibrated wheel balancer. I never even thought about that.
4. These are the actual alignment specs that your CT should be set to (at least a 4wd V6), most alignment places (hopefully the dealer too) can actually print out the results of the final alignment so you can compare.
5. Following the train of thought that a certain systematized pattern of vibration could point to torque converter problems, here is the walk through for torque converter vibration.
6. And this is the spec for the torque converter stall speed check (a quick test to verify basic functionality of torque converter, but won't isolate the nitty gritty. . .not a bad thing to ask the dealer to check if your mystery shudder persists).
7. And finally for this section a transmission worksheet that the dealer uses, handy to know what they are looking for.

Now some OEM basics:
1. CT Personalized Settings dealer checklist (the fact that there are only two options to set here confirms my suspicions that we don't have control over how long our lights stay on after engine turn off in "auto" mode, etc., that a lot of other Hondas do have. . .no big deal, but nice to get to the bottom).
2. Crosstour VIN decoding
3. Torque tightening specs for every single fastener
4. Recommended Materials Service Bulletin - where to look when you're thinking "what lube do these nuts get?" Actually looks very handy.
5. Why your tires are overfilled on the dealer lot.
6. Honda gasoline recommendation
7. 0W-20 engine oil intro
8. Crosstour fluids & lubes

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