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Kozmo 07-25-2019 03:40 PM

Vcm muzzler 2. Install
Just put on my 2013 crosstour. Eco light kept coming on so i switched to brown and same result. Guess up to red next?? Any thoughts??? Thanks

Kozmo 07-25-2019 03:42 PM

I used to work at east liberty plant that made the crosstour.. Left in may of 2009 so i thin we only built 3 of three of these before i left after 13 years.

Kozmo 07-25-2019 06:09 PM

Red may have worked. Need a little more driving to confirm.

sirdirk2 08-02-2019 10:49 AM

how is your muzzler working? did the red fuse work? what effects or improvements have you noted since you installed?

CTownerinCT 08-02-2019 01:18 PM

Hello all,
I don't have the muzzler but I installed an S-VCM Controller last fall and it has worked flawlessly on my 2015 EX-L. A bit pricey at $99 but it was plug and play after a simple installation and NO resistors to mess around with. Highly recommended.

2010BlackPearl 08-02-2019 04:27 PM


I am dealing with excessive oil consumption, about 1qt every 1,500mi, which equates to an empty crankcase in a standard oil change cycle (about 6,500mi).

I have read that the VCM Muzzler and S-VCM controller fix this problem. Does anyone know if the “software update” that Honda does has any success with helping this issue? I’m guessing it would cost $150 or more knowing dealer pricing, so it seems like the VCM Muzzler or S-VCM controller would be better money spent.

I am out of the warranty period, so my options are kind of limited.

Maybe the guys in blue can do a Random Act of Kindness and come out to add a quart of oil every thousand miles?

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the help!

2010BlackPearl 08-07-2019 12:48 PM


Is anyone able to weigh in on which option has worked well with oil consumption from the VCM: Honda PCM update, VCM- Muzzler, or S-VCM Controller?

Much appreciated!

Crashmaster 08-07-2019 03:18 PM

Before we all jump in, let's get some basic info.
What year is your Crosstour?
What engine?
What is the mileage?
Are you the original owner?
What oil have you been using? Dino or Synthetic?
Are there any oil leaks?
How long has the oil usage problem been going on?
Has Honda examined the engine? Is it the piston ring issue?
I use a VCM Muzzler. But, I installed it prior to an oil usage problem. Once you have an oil usage problem, it will not fix it, but it could keep it from getting worse.

2010BlackPearl 08-07-2019 09:33 PM


2010 V6 Crosstour EX 2WD, approx 120K mi, no visible oil leaks. I am the 3rd owner, had it since 9/2018. I noticed the oil usage a few months ago. I use Mobil One 0w-20 synthetic oil, not sure what it previously ran. I’m sure the oil usage was present when I bought it, I just didn’t notice it.

I don’t know too much about the previous history, other than that it had axle problems and 3 coil packs (unsure which cylinders) replaced from misfiring. I don’t know any more details about what codes were thrown, just that the coil packs were faulty.

I changed the spark plugs recently and it looked like cylinders 1-4 (three on rear bank and passenger side front) were black on the insulator and white/ashy on the ground electrode. The 2 other plugs looked like normal wear.

It uses about 1qt of oil every 1,500mi. This was the same before and after the spark plug change. No codes or misfiring since I’ve had it.

I was concentrated on fixing the shudder it had, so I was distracted for several months trying to fix this. It ended up being L axle, R axle, intermediate shaft, and 2 motor mounts. Shudder was fixed after that.

I spoke with Honda and they said to get it checked out at a dealer, but it would be all out of pocket because 9/2018 was the 8 year period.

I was thinking of trying the S-VCM Controller first to see if there is a difference.


Crashmaster 08-07-2019 11:33 PM

Good info, thanks for sharing.
If it were my vehicle, with that many miles I would switch from 0w20 to something thicker like 10w30 to start. Obviously thicker oil is not going to get past the rings like thinner oil can. Again, let me re-emphasize, if it were my vehicle. With 120K on the odometer, the engine is likely loose enough to handle 10w30 or even thicker. Depending what climate you are in, you might consider a thicker oil in the summer and then a slightly thinner oil in the winter. Best would be to take it back to Honda and let them do some diagnostics (leak down test) to determine how much cylinder leakage you have.

2010BlackPearl 08-08-2019 11:22 AM

Ok thanks for the info. I’m in CA, so it’s pretty warm most of the year. In the 90s now in the summer. I’ve heard too of members running 5w-20 synthetic. The specs state a 0w-20 oil, but I know there are some different thoughts on that with this specific type of engine and issues with the oil getting past the rings with the VCM.

Just curious, with replacing the rings, are they the original OEM rings, or did Honda use a different updated part number to address the problem?

Thanks again

Crashmaster 08-08-2019 01:16 PM

I don't think 5w20 will make any difference from 0w20. You can move up the grades slowly, but I don't think you will notice any difference until you start using a 10w30 or thicker. As for the piston ring problem it could be one of two things.

A) The original owner used a full synthetic oil immediately. This prevented the piston rings from causing good break in wear in the cylinders as the oil was too slick. This is why Honda OEM oil is semi synthetic (which is 20% synthetic and 80% dino oil).
B) On many engines Honda installed the piston rings with the gap all lined up. Normally a piston with 3 piston rings, you would stager the rings 120 degrees. Putting them all in line tends to cause cylinder leakage through the gaps.
So, to answer you question, there is no problem with the rings, only the installation.
I've been involved with a few of these issues where Honda installed new rings.

2010BlackPearl 08-08-2019 10:34 PM

Very interesting, I did not know the position of the rings was the fix for the problem.

I also have a Toyota FJ and have used Mobil 1 0W-20, which is full synthetic, since day one. I’m not sure if Toyota offers the blend in this weight. I was unaware that 0W-20 was even offered in a blend. I see that Honda makes a blend though.

I don’t know what the original owner used, but its interesting that full synthetic would affect the break in period of the piston rings. Does Honda distribute this info to new owners in Maintenance manuals, or is this something that the dealer or mechanics (or those experienced in engine break-ins) suggest?


Crashmaster 08-09-2019 03:18 AM

I drive an Acura (I traded in my CT) with the same 3.5L engine. When I got it new with 10 miles on it, I drained the oil and put in regular dino 5w30. I changed the oil every 2,000 miles until around 15,000 miles. I wanted the engine cylinders to wear correctly. I then switched to 5w30 Mobil 1 full synthetic. I did this because I knew that the 0w20 was too thin for this engine and was only recommended to obtain specific EPA gas mileage results. I don't like a car which burns oil.

Honda would never distribute info like the above.

Here is a good article on this:

2010BlackPearl 08-10-2019 03:39 PM

Very informative article. I’ve heard members on the FJ Cruiser forum say the same thing about the 0W-20 being too thin and using a slightly thicker oil. I will experiment with different viscosities to see what results I get. Maybe in combination with a VCM Muzzler or S-VCM controller I will have some luck.

The bummer is right when I acquired the vehicle, it was still under the 8 year warranty coverage for this problem. However, I’ve always had problems with dealers honoring warranties and attributing what they find to a “warranty issue.” Even with this excessive oil consumption warranty, Honda will only diagnose it if you have an active misfire code for fouled plugs, then they do a software update and proceed from there.


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