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Talking Tips for Increasing MPGs and Speed?

I have the 2010 Honda Crosstour EX-L and average 19.6 mpg with mostly suburb driving (very little highway)

1. Do you guys have any tips to improve the MPGs that have helped your Crosstours?
2. Even though this will decrease MPGs, what can I do to make the Crosstour faster? Any fluids or cheap stuff that work well?
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Drive on the highway. We have a 2010 4WD CT with 60K miles. We drove four hours to the beach this past weekend which is mostly highway. With a little effort trying to keep the car in three cylinder mode, we were able to average 25mpg over 325 miles. I think she can do even better... During the week our CT commutes each day and averages 20 to 21mpg on a round trip that is half highways.

Learn the sounds as she switches modes (6 cylinders, 4 cylinders, 3 cylinders). If you do a lot of stopping and starting, She mainly stays in 6 cylinder mode and your fuel mileage will show it. To get better then 21 miles per gallon for city driving, you may as well turn off the radio, put down the cell phone and make your commute all about feathering the gas pedal. Regardless, we love ours and the car is worth its weight in gold up here in the northeast!
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There is a big difference between town and highway driving mpg because of that variable cylinder stuff. Any chance you get on the open road, turn on cruise control and keep that green ECO light on as much as you can.

Driving around town (6 cyl AWD) I can only normally get around 18 or so, maybe a tick more, but out on the NYS Thruway or the Northway I can pull 26 or 27 all day long. Therefore, over the 19,000 mile life of my car it's currently sitting at 20.9. As long as it stays on the right side of 20, I'm happy.
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Old 03-26-2013, 09:42 AM   #4
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Has anyone tried using 89 Octane fuel? I have used it twice in my 2012 AWD V-6 and thought I saw a 1-2 MPG increase hwy to 28.5, verified with the math. I saw about 1 MPG more in city as well. CT has 9500 miles. I drive 30K a year so I do a lot of hwy miles. Trying to confirm if it is the octane rating, the terrain or perhaps a lighter foot. Thanks.
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Default Several Things not Specific to Xtours

  1. Outside air temperature has a huge impact on gas mileage. The colder it is the denser the air. In order for the air/fuel mixture to be optimal more fuel will need to be used to compensate for the denser air. So if you have to run errands do them later in the day if you can.
  2. Usually there are two settings at the gas pump use the first setting. It will pump gas slower but less gas will 'vaporize'. This is what my dad told me, he used to own several gas stations.
  3. Pump gas in the morning rather than in the evening. Gas is more dense when it's colder so you'll get more gas for your money. At least in California where gas stations don't compensate for the different temperatures.
  4. Fill up your gas at half tank. The more space there is in your tank more fuel will get absorbed in the air in your tank. Most storage gas tanks at gas stations have floating ceilings that is, as the gas level goes down the top also goes down, leaving little to no space between the ceiling and the gas level.
  5. Your engine is the least efficient when it's cold. Keep a light foot until the engine reaches normal operating temp. This is really bad if you only drive around town and the engine never gets the chance to warm up.
Most of these tips are common to all gas vehicles. I've never used any additives or higher octane fuel. But I was told it is good to use injector cleaners once in awhile.
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CTBob - on page 282 of our owners manual (well in my 2010 that is) it states that Octane of 87 or higher is recommended. I personally have not seen a difference in gas mileage based on a higher octane gas. So, for the price, I just use the 87 octane.

ps... I thought I spotted you the other day(week?) in the black CT here in Anderson. I have the metal Metalic 2010... @ about St. John's
2010 CT Ex-L 4WD, w/o Navi, Polished Metal-Metalic, Black interior. Build Date: 11/09
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