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Default CPO 'diagnostic charge?'

My wife bought a 2014 CPO Crosstour. She has a problem with an intermittent driver's side keyless entry - the handle sometimes doesn't detect her hand.

She made a service appointment at our local Honda dealer, not the one she purchased the car from. When she arrived they told her there would be a $129 diagnostic charge.

She left at that point.

Is this charge normal for service for CPO cars?


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When I first bought my Crosstour, I had issues with my door needing two pulls in order for the latch to actually open. I brought it back 3 times to have it looked at. Although having to bring it back 3 times was a pain, they didn't charge me for a diagnostic charge ever or for the work that had to be done.

I did buy my car new though. But I know the dealership I bought my car from will not charge a diagnostic fee if the car is under warranty. CPO cars are under warranty right?

I also had an issue with my alarm going off randomly. My car is out of warranty at this point. I needed a new battery, but the dealership wasn't going to charge me a diagnostic fee if I didn't replace the battery with them.

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The Honda CPO (Certified Pre Owned) program is actually a very good program. For the most part it includes:

Used-vehicle limited warranty = 7 year / 100,000 mile warranty from the original in service date. Not the date you purchased the vehicle.

Covers major engine and transmission components, but not standard maintenance items such as body, glass and interior. Honda will repair any covered part that is defective in material or workmanship under normal use. There is a $0 (ZERO) deductible.

Honda CPO vehicles have a standard 182 point inspection and will provide you with a complimentary vehicle history report which can be a Carfax or something similar.

Your CPO warranty coverage does depend whether or not you purchased your CPO before or after your standard new vehicle limited warranty has expired. (This is very important).

OK, now let’s get back to answering your question of why the Honda dealership wanted to charge you a diagnostic charge of $129.

What happens when the Honda technician takes the door apart and finds the door was damaged due to:

1) An accident you had and was repaired improperly?
2) You spilled a Coke or some other fluid into the door?
3) You tried to lube the glass channels and used the wrong fluid?
4) You were abusive on the door handle which caused it to break?
5) Your three year old slid a magazine in the window slot?
6) Or any other possible type of problem caused by the driver.
(Yes, I have seen all of the above situations!)

Any of the above situations would NOT be covered by the CPO warranty (normal use) and the dealer would be required to charge you. But wait; your door is already in 20 or 30 pieces and there has been no agreement about who would pay for the repairs and you are expecting the dealer to either repair it or put it back together free of charge under the CPO warranty? Who pays for the 1.5 hours mechanics time to disassemble and then reassemble your door? Honda won’t and neither will the CPO warranty. So, you are asking the Honda dealership to do this for free? It doesn’t work like this.

I believe what you wanted to hear was that your CPO warranty would cover everything and there would be $0 charge to you.

I believe what you didn’t want to hear is that there would be a $129 diagnostic charge to determine the cause of the problem and then it can be determined if the problem is covered under the CPO warranty. If you service advisor did not fully state this, then you should have pushed him to make this very clear by asking him “Why isn’t this covered under my CPO warranty?”

Many interior parts are not covered and again, only for normal wear.

So, the bottom line is, Yes, this is a normal charge for service diagnostic.
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Just to add to Crash's very accurate post... most dealers will charge a diagnostic fee to figure out the issue... then absorb that cost if #1 - it is covered by warranty or #2 it isn't covered but you ok the repair with them...

My dealer does this when we are unsure of what they are going to fix... ie the times I have taken it in for vibration. I sign a work order stating as much.. and they do state what I have stated above.

Look, they are just protecting themselves. It is absolutely unfair to expect a shop to spend hours diagnosing an issue, just to have someone pull the vehicle to either fix it themselves or send it to a cheaper mechanic.

I have also gone the "pull it" route, but gladly payed the diagnostic fee. It was still cheaper to fix the issue myself along with a $100.00 diagnostic fee when I couldn't figure it out but could handle the repair. That involved a suspension issue on my 300 that I couldn't find for the life of me. Way cheaper than throwing parts at it.


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^^Make sense. I have a pretty good relationship with the dealership in my area and do get my work done by them when I take the car to them. Probably why they've never explicitly said anything about the diagnostic fee.
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